Innovation, Business and You

We have a tendency to think of innovation as a business concept. Innovate or die. Bringing you the latest innovation. Innovating for a safer world. Innovation and excellence.

Or at least, we think in terms of technology. Technology for Innovators. Innovation in Electronics.

But innovation and its less practical parent, creativity, are found in many human endeavours. Sometimes we in business need to have it pointed out to us that others are even more skilled in innovation, and creativity.

We have also learned to focus on technology as the primary enabler of innovation. Technology can be an enabler of change. Only people can enable directed change. Only people are primary enablers of innovation. Technology is only a means to achieve our desires.

The two videos below illustrate are very effective in exemplifying that. The technology is 700 years old. I only wish TEDxWaterloo had posted the music referred to in the second video.

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