Books on Various Topics

It’s comfortable nowadays to believe that people are one dimensional. They are born knowing one skillset, they work at that skillset and they never learn any other.  Whatever little cubby hole they define as theirs will define them for ever more.

But of course, that’s just not true. Even the most simplistic of us has a life outside work. And most of us do many things in our work and personal lives. We learn many skills.

And we become hard to classify.

For simplicity’s sake, I’ve assigned classifications to some of my books based on your interests.  This is true especially where I’ve published more than one book on the subject.  However, not all my books are so easily pigeonholed.

In this section you’ll find books sharing some of the lessons I’ve learned about any number of topics which have interested me. Some are solely my own, some I’ve used pseudonoms for and some I’ve written with others who shared the interest.