101 Limericks About Public Speaking

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Humour (or Humor if you prefer) is an important element in effective presentations and public speaking courses. After all some of the issues students face can only be overcome by laughing at them. But finding just the right humour for your course on public speaking is difficult at the best of times. And let’s face it … most of us aren’t professional comedians. Limericks and cartoons are much easier to use when you need that break and you need to gently focus on a problem or issue. That’s why we’ve put together this collection of 101 limericks about public speaking.


” The importance of humour is plain,
When you’re trying to explain the arcane.
It’s still just as true
When trying to break through
Boredom, disinterest, and pain. “

A Funny Limerick Beats Fear of Public Speaking


There once was a young man of Neath,
Who suffered from chattering teeth,
Whenever he spoke,
His courage just broke,
And he left a small mess beneath.

Let’s face it, public speaking is one of the most scary things we will face in our lives. Most surveys rate the fear of speaking in public as number one, even before death which is number seven. It’s also an unreasonable fear. And an unreasonable fear is the most difficult to overcome. We can provide tips and suggestions to help our students, but ultimately the only way to overcome it is to face it and accept it and ultimately ignore it. And humour can help!

Beat A Fear of Speaking in Public with Funny Limericks

One of the best ways to move past the fear is to learn to laugh at it. A funny limerick can help us smile at our fear, then laugh at our fear … and ultimately overcome our fear. And this book of limericks about public speaking is a good source of laughter.

Limericks about bad habits in public speaking

But of course, fear of public speaking isn’t the only hurdle your students will face in learning.

Buy it from Amazon

Buy it from Amazon

Now available in PRINT on Amazon.com just $14.95 … just click here
NOW AVAILABLE ON THE KINDLE from Amazon.com for just $8.95 … just click here

While giving a speech in Madrid,
I can’t believe all that he did.
He mumbled and stumbled,
and fumbled and bumbled
And all agreed – it was horrid.

So we’ve included limericks about the mistakes and bad habits. Help your students to overcome their own bad habits without stressing over them. If there’s a funny limerick about the issue others must also do it. Now the truth is that we all have some bad habits that we’ve had to overcome. By using humour you can help your students to learn to overcome their bad habits without fear.

Stress the Importance of Good Habits with Clean, Funny Limericks

But of course, we can use humour for more than just overcoming the negative. We can use it to emphasise the positive. Either by limericks which show the result of not following good habits. We’ve got a funny limericks that help emphasize the habits of good speaking in public.

An old professor from Margate,
Started lectures ten minutes late.
He said “Why worry?
I’ll just make them hurry.
Even though that’s what they hate”

Or by limericks that show the positive results of following good habits.

There once was a young speaker from Thyme,
Who always finished on time,
His competition they jeered,
But his audience they cheered,
And he celebrated with a lager and lime.

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