Books on Writing

I have worked for many years with small and medium sized businesses (or at least businesses that thought and acted that way). IT and IS shops of that type often need their senior people to do three functions — their own, documentation and training. So I’ve spent many years writing documentation and creating coursework.  Of course, I’ve also worked as a technical writer and a ghostwriter when work was scarce.  I’ve written and published several books (or book equivalents) but normally under someone else’s name (usually the company).

When I met Paul, he was a business analyst and technical trainer focused on management topics and software development .  And I was a project manager who was transitioning into sharing my knowledge of project, strategic and general management.

So it was only natural that we start TrainingNOW as a training company focused on management and information systems topics.  For personal reasons, TrainingNOW soon morphed into a publishing company that taught how to train through its subsiduary

In this section you’ll find books sharing some of the lessons I’ve learned about writing books and the business of writing and publishing.