How to Blog for Money: 9 Strategies to Get Your Blog Making Money Online and Off

Yes, You Can Make
REAL Money
With Blogging

There comes a point in every blogger’s life when they ask the question … “Can I somehow make some money with my blog?” A point where you want your blog to start paying its way.

But how?

It really is easy to get your blog paying for itself. In fact there are only 9 different strategies you can use to earn money with your blog. All you have to do is choose which strategies you are going to use. Of course, it’s easy when you know how. And when you know all your alternatives and why to choose each of them. That’s what this book is all about.

Discover the 9 strategies to earn money with a blog.

In this book you’ll discover the 9 strategies you can choose from in order to turn your blog into a real money machine. From a small income to a large business — this book will show you how.

No false claims. AND NO B.S.!

Let’s face it … most books of this type deal in pipedreams and false hopes. But in this book, you’ll discover the real story. You’ll see the figures and get comparisons of what a real person can earn from each of the strategies. You’ll see how I determined the numbers and you’ll be able to make a real decision on how you can earn an income with your blog.

You’ll discover how to decide

In this book, you get the facts and figures on how to decide. And I’ll show you how to figure out which strategies are right for you. And then I’ll give you 4 questions you need to ask when deciding how to make money with your blog.

You’ll get hints and help in carrying out the strategy

There’s more to choosing a strategy than how much you can make. This book reveals the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy. And it follows up with hints and facts you need to make your strategy a success.

This is a REAL Book covering the whole story!

Many of the books on this and related subjects barely qualify as white papers let alone as books. Ten, fifteen, twenty pages and maybe if you’re lucky 50 pages of rehashed material. Much of it just rehashed PLR (private label rights) giveaways. And frankly most of them are intended to get you to buy expensive courses and coaching plans that sell for thousands of dollars. They’re just ads maskerading as books.

Not this book.

In 126 electronic pages (150 paperback) you’ll discover every aspect of the information you need to decide your strategy for making your blog pay its way.

Amazon Readers give this a unanimous 5 star rating ! The best you can get.

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