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Glen Ford 11:15 am

Dear Friend:

So you’ve done your keyword research. Written your sales page. Posted your website. Bought your guru’s “Make big bucks on the internet” and read it — twice! And you sit down to write your knowledge product and — nada, nothing! Ouch! That easy way to make money suddenly doesn’t look so easy now, does it? And the guru’s advice doesn’t do anything to help in actually producing something to sell!Been there, done that … got the battle scars! Frustrating isn’t it? Knowing that success is there, just out of your reach. So close you can taste it. And not knowing how to get there.

Let’s face it, being an author of books of any type is no fun. It’s hard work! That’s why so few self-styled authors actually finish their great novel. And why even fewer make a living doing it!

There’s got to be a better way!

And I’ve found it! A way to make it so easy anyone can do it … at least for technical ebooks.

And not only am I going to share it but I’ve got a special, limited time offer for you … but more on that later.

Ebook writing is no fun … But what else could I do?

So there I was … overeducated, overskilled and underemployed. The white hairs were real and I’d been designing systems and processes for most of my working life. But in the last 10 years things changed … and not for the better! I found myself being “too old” , “too educated”, “not right for the job”, with “not enough experience” while kids just out of school got hired right away. It was obvious what was happening. One look at my resume and employers were putting it in the “too expensive” pile!

Meanwhile, the bills were piling up and I had a family to feed! Even the idea of working the standard “30 hours of unpaid overtime” week was beginning to look good.

What could I do?

Internet Marketing is just another name for the ebook business!

Like a lot of people today, I checked out the internet marketing and SEO game. Fantastic! Maybe I could build a business on-line? It didn’t take me long to realize that if I was going to succeed … and make any REAL money … I would have to create ebooks of my own. Even if I ended up giving them away, I needed the prestige of writing an ebook. And bluntly, paying to have someone write one for me was out of the question. Not to mention the fact that if I was going to stand by my product it had to be my product … not someone else’s. And writing ebooks was supposed to be the core of my businesses. I needed to write at least one for each ebook business.

The problem was I know EXACTLY how much work goes into writing an ebook!

Look, I do a lot of writing in my day job … when I’m working. I’ve even done stints as a technical writer, an article writer and I’m already an author of a textbook on project management. Not to mention an award winning fiction writer. I know EXACTLY how much work goes into writing a book!

And I knew it wasn’t going to work … I was desperate not crazy!

So What Do the Experts Say About Writing Ebooks?

So all these gurus are busy telling me writing ebooks is the way to make money on the internet. Design a presentation, write an ebook, write a course around it and make lots of money. $$$$$ BING, BANG, BOOM .. you’ve got your own ebook business. NOT!

So what are these gurus going to tell me about the create ebooks process. What can they teach me about writing an ebook?

So I go out and buy a bunch of books on writing ebooks. Cool. I’m going to learn a better way to create ebooks. I go out and look for books in the library. I’ve got books coming out of my ears … my hard drive is full and my eyes are going cross-eyed.

And do you know what I found?


Not a BLASTED thing!

That’s right nothing. Oh, I learned about marketing my ebooks (the same tips my marketing experts were giving away for free). And I learned about choosing topics — pick a niche, find the keywords, solve the problem — whoop-de-doo! The same information that every marketing guru and every keyword service out there is giving away. That still didn’t tell me how to create ebooks efficiently.

And if I couldn’t make a system to create ebooks, I couldn’t make an ebook business out of it. After all it’s hard to build a business without product. And without a system for writing an ebook easily, how could I create my product?

There Had To Be A Better Way!

That’s when I put my process design skills to work. And it started with a question …

Why does writing ebooks have to be an organic, artistic pursuit?

My old fiction writing mentor kept saying over and over “Writing is a craft – not high art. No one WANTS to read “High Art”. If you want to succeed at the writing game then you’ve got to learn the craft.” If it was a craft then it could be turned into a system!

And a system could be improved. It could be made efficient and it could be made effective. It could be made reproducible and copied over and over. And most of all it could be taught!

The first of the lights went on … design a writing ebooks system and I’d have it made.

Writing Ebooks As A Process!

So I sit down and I lay out the process of writing an ebook.

And I’m blocked. You see writing an ebook is a simple process. A VERY SIMPLE process. Anyone SHOULD be able to do it.

The problem wasn’t in the process. It had to be in one of the tasks or how the tasks fit together.

The key to Writing Ebooks is found in designing training!

That’s where my partner comes in. He had a concept for a new training course he wanted to create.

You see, I’m a trained facilitator and course designer as well.

When I was taught to design training courses for adults, I was taught techniques to clarify and organize my material. Techniques to focus on what the student wants and needs to know.

And while talking to Paul about his new course concept I suddenly realized …

Writing ebooks is just another form of presentation of educational material. So the same tools should work to create ebooks.

But it doesn’t stop with training ….

You see we’ve already got a great system for designing training. It works very well.

But it took the subject of Paul’s course to bring the power of a system to the process of writing ebooks.

What was the subject of Paul’s course ? Creativity, Innovation and Critical thinking.

Systems Theory + Training Experience + Cognitive Theory = THE SOLUTION!

BANG! It all came together in one of those EUREKA! moments.

I had taught courses on cognitive and semantic techniques. Ways to document thoughts and ideas quickly and easily.

All I had to do was combine my training skills with my cognitive tools and then give it a healthy dose of systems design.

It Couldn’t Be That Easy,

Could It?

I couldn’t believe it. It couldn’t be that simple. I had to try it. It worked. Writing an ebook could be that simple! Now agreed, I’ve used these tools before but they’re easy. I teach them all the time, and people all over the world use these techniques. All I’ve done is tweaked and combined them to make it easy to create ebooks.

So …

Why isn’t everyone using this system to create ebooks?

That’s when one of my client’s called. Now, I have a problem with this client. You see he thinks he can create presentations. Unfortunately, they are rather unorganized, filled with basic technique errors, and are basically sales presentation pretending (poorly) to be training.

That’s when the final light came on.

They’ve never been taught the basics.

You see, I’ve noticed that a lot of very smart people seem to have a problem with organizing their presentations. Yes, they can present clearly and well. They sound professional. But designing a presentation or training course is different from presenting.

The answer was simple … no body knew ALL the pieces they needed to AND were interested in writing such a bookUNTIL NOW!

So it was possible to build a real ebook business. A business built on a system of writing ebooks.


a simple SYSTEM

to Create Ebooks QUICKLY

with minimum effort!

A way that can be copied EASILY! By ANYBODY!

And that’s exactly what I’ve done!

I’ve designed, developed, tested and tweaked my system until it will work for any subject, for anyone, anytime, all the time!

And now I’m prepared to share it with you.

Book Cover for How to Write Your Own EBook in 24 hrs or Less

So What Am I Going To Get?

First off you’re going to get all the information you need to learn and use our eBook writing system.

We’re talking 107 pages of closely packed information which guides you through the steps you need to take to create your own eBook which you can sell or give away.

We’ll cover such things as:

  • Two trainers discover they already know the secret
  • What we did (and why you don’t have to)
  • The opportunity & the problem
  • Making it easy
  • A proven system for everyone
  • Getting started: understanding the process
  • What is a quality e-book?
  • Content: who is your reader & what do they need to know?
  • Organization: can they find what they need?
  • Delivery: sounding like a guru not a professor
  • Making your case
  • Finding a compelling subject
  • Why write your book?
  • Quality by design
  • Getting it into the readers hands
  • Key decisions when planning your book
  • 4 Ways to Create content
  • Templates and cookie cutters
  • Parables, stories and learning
  • Book, report, white paper, or e-book?
  • What writing style do you wish to use?
  • What story angle will you use?
  • Who will write the book?
  • Designing your book first means writing it without effort
  • Mechanics of writing
  • Editing: polishing the jewel

and much more … (and that’s not counting the bonuses!)

Okay, You’ve Convinced Me I Want to Order!

Easily A $3,000 Value

Look if you were to hire someone to write an ebook for you, how much would you have to pay? $3000, $4,000 or more. In fact you may pay up to as much as $1 a word.

And chances are, even at those prices, it would be written by someone who barely speaks English!

IF YOU WRITE ONLY ONE EBOOK yourself using the methods in this book you’ll have recovered the whole cost of this book.

Okay, You’ve Convinced Me I Want to Order!

But Don’t Believe Me!

I’ve already been teaching this method to others … listen to what they have to say.

I wanted to write a book, so I went and spent a big chunk of money on a how to write a book course. I wrote the first 2 chapters and went soliciting the opinion of a friend who is an author. He told me in a subtle way that I was doing it all wrong and that I lacked a system. Someone else told me about your book/system. I bought it and devoured it. I have used the knowledge to rewrite the two chapters in record time and went back to my friend. He gave me a high mark thanks to your system. Your system provided me with a methodology, guidance and structure – thank youI highly recommend your system to anyone who wants to write a book and does not know where to start. It is an efficient cost effective system that can help anyone.I will tell anyone who asks, BUY IT!Thank you
George Kaadi
Debt Elimination Advisor

I had been fighting with writing an ebook for months now. And I was just about ready to give up. You showed me how to finish it in less than a week. … Thank you.

Charles Y.
Mississauga, ON

But why trust me …

Try it for 30 days RISK-FREE!

Hey, I wouldn’t trust someone on the internet either … So that’s why I’m giving you a risk-free offer. If at the end of 30 days you don’t agree that this is the easiest, fastest way to create ebooks just send me an email. I’ll return your money. You’ll owe nothing AND you’ll keep the premiums.

How can I refuse that offer, I Want to Order NOW!

Man, You’re Hard to Convince … Okay How’s this for a DEAL? ….

$3,000 in savings isn’t enough. Okay then let’s sweeten the deal with some extra special, free premiums.


Order our ebook and we’ll include at no extra charge an EXTRAchapter …..

Publishing Books

That’s right we’ll tell you all the secrets to turning your ebook into a REAL paper book. Sell it on Amazon … sell it to your customers. Give it to your bricks and mortar customers.

Absolutely no extra charge … and remember even if you decide not to keep my book, you’ll get to keep this chapter!

Easily a $19.95 value … yours FREE!

still not convinced? Then how’s this …..


Order our ebook and we’ll include at no extra charge an EXTRAchapter …..

How to Sell Ebooks

So now, not only have we shown you how to write your ebook, and how to turn it into a real paper book, we’ll also show you how to sell your ebooks. You can’t afford not to get this chapter.

Absolutely no extra charge … and remember even if you decide not to keep my book, you’ll get to keep this chapter!

Easily a $19.95 value … yours FREE!

Okay, you’ve twisted my rubber arm …


Order our ebook and we’ll include at no extra charge an EXTRAchapter …..

How to Sell To Traditional Publishers

So now, not only have we shown you how to write your ebook, how to turn it into a real paper book, and how to sell your ebooks, we’ll also show you how to sell your book to a traditional publisher. You can’t afford not to get this chapter.

Absolutely no extra charge … and remember even if you decide not to keep my book, you’ll get to keep this chapter!

Easily a $19.95 value … yours FREE!

So let’s add it all up ….

You get ….

  • How to Write an Ebook for Fun & Profit
$ 3,000.00
  • Extra Chapter Publishing Books
$ 19.95
  • Extra Chapter – How to Sell Self Published Books
$ 19.95
  • Extra Chapter – How to Sell To Traditional Publishers



That’s a value of $ 3, 059.85.

How can I refuse, I Want to Order NOW!

Okay You’ve Twisted My Arm … An EXTRA SPECIAL DEAL Just For YOU!

In case, you haven’t guessed by now, you’ve found my special pre-release web page. I’ll be releasing this book to the public shortly AND I can guarantee that this price is better than you’ll get if you wait for the official release. Much better. So much better that I can’t tell you how much better until you’ve committed to buy.

In fact, I can only let the next 200 100 people have it at this special price… And then only if ordered NOW


Okay, I did say it was a special deal!

And boy is it ever……….

Some people would sell this system for $297

Most people would sell this system for $97

We normally charge $57 at our live events.

We will be charging $47 when we go live!

But for you — because this is a pre-release online only price —

Only $27 ….. BUT you must order NOW! When we go fully live we’ll be charging full price WITHOUT warning!

Remember you get:

  1. Our system that could easily save you $3000.
  2. An extra chapter worth $19.95
  3. A second extra chapter worth $19.95
  4. A third extra chapter worth $19.95

That’s a total of $3059.85 for only $27


  • NO Hassle

  • NO Questions

  • NO Problem

Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!!


Don’t forget you’re going to discover a system to Write How To Books in as little as 24 hours or less. Whether you are an internet marketer looking to create your first high value, high credibility information product OR a consultant or service provider looking to build credibility and position yourself as an expert as part of your “Expert Marketing” campaign — You NEED a real book that YOU wrote! And this system will have you writing it


Don’t forget you’ll discover:

  • A proven system for everyone
  • What is a quality e-book?
  • How to please your reader and get them coming back for more.
  • How to sound like a guru not a professor
  • 4 Ways to Create content
  • How to use templates and cookie cutters to make writing easier
  • How to add parables, stories and learning to build rapport

and much more … (and that’s not counting the bonuses!)


Don’t forget you get the Book – How to Write Your Own How To Ebook in 24 Hours or Less: The Information Products Secret Revealed! plus the three EXTRA free BONUS chapters. That’s a total value of over $3,059.85! All for only $27.00 — but only if you order NOW!


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