Writer’s Block Demolition: Finding the Time to Write, Keep Writing and Finish Your Book

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Yes, You Can Eliminate Writer’s Block And Finally Find The Time To Write Your Book

Are you having problems finding the time to write? Or do you stare at the blank page, wondering what to write? You aren’t alone. Most writers have problems at one time or another finding the time to write or figuring out what to write. And it only gets worse when they try to solve only part of the problem.

But how?

Writer’s block is just a symptom of a much larger problem. If you are going to eliminate writer’s block and find the time to write, you need to solve the whole problem. But most books on the subject pussy-foot around the subject or give you partial answers or worse yet — strategies to fix the symptom. They just don’t attack the real problem so your writer’s block just keeps coming back.

Discover a life-long solution to writer’s block.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • the three causes of not having the time to write
  • How to always know what to write next
  • How to motivate yourself to overcome blocks to writing
  • How to choose a writing system that eliminates writer’s block

Eliminate Writer’s Block Once And For-All!

This book doesn’t treat writer’s blockas a standalone problem. It looks at the whole of your writer’s life and shows you a method that will eliminate writers block as a problem forever.

But don’t just listen to us!

Listen to what our readers are saying

“Having started but never managed to finish quite a few books, and having read numerous books and articles about “writers block”, I was pessimistic (to say the least) about Glen’s book on the subject.
I wish I’d had access to this book YEARS ago!
As an accomplished writer and project manager, Glen doesn’t fill your head with nonsensical ways to avoid (or just put up with) writers block. Instead, he dissects the actual process of writing a book and, with carefully thought-out exercises, gets you to work your way through it from start to finish. He delves into the emotional connection and describes models of motivation, showing you how to increase your desire to write, how to decrease the effort involved and how to link these to methods for increasing the time you have available and using that time more effectively.
Each stage of dissection is filled with real-life examples, which means that you’ll understand them immediately, instead of having to wonder what was meant.
The entire book flows as a well-executed plan, with the desired result being the realisation of your goal; to write that book!”

– Tony Ross, Ross Software Solutions, Scottish Highlands, UK

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