Change Management

I have taught a number of subjects related to leadership, project management, and change management both directly and for other providers. In the area of project management, I often teach a PMP Exam Preparation bookcamp.

Often I have been asked to provide a list of books for further reading. So here’s my list for Change Management. Many of the books I have read myself. Some I know of but have never read.


Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

The classic summary of management good habits. It provides a great structure for understanding good management as well as some great information. Also includes a few of Covey's own prejudices but you can't win 'em all. A basic management text for all managers and a must read.
Business Model Generation

This is a seminal book on creating business strategy. It is important to understand where change comes from and what it is attempting to achieve.
Business Model You

Business Model Generation applied to Business You Inc. (i.e. you and your job/profession/career). Excellent lead into change.
Value Proposition Design

Third book in the Business Model Generation series. This one focuses on your value proposition. This is a critical topic for determining how you are going to sell change. (See there was a point to these books after all!)
Lean Change Management

Confession time ... I haven't read this book but it did look interesting and appears to be (on first glance) full of useful information.
HBR's 10 Must Reads on Change Management

A reprint/consolidation of Harvard Business Review articles. Probably not the first book you want to read but definitely worth an advanced read.
Leading Change

It is best to read this book with both the critics and responders in mind. There is a lot of good information, HOWEVER, there is also some questionable advice. (The questionable advice is primarily related to potential misunderstandings e.g. frighten the target actually leads to locking the target in the shock stage of change).
ADKAR: How to implement successful change

A very basic method of change management. Good start but be prepared to read other books to get the needed models.
Managing Change in Organizations: A Practice Guide

This is PMI (The Project Management Institute)'s view of change management. It incorporates the view of project managers who are the professionals charged with implementing the project. A key read.
The Effective Change Manager: The Change Management Body of Knowledge

The Change Management Institute's version of the PMBOK. Supposedly a guide to everything you need to know about Change Management.