Strategy and Leadership

I have taught a number of subjects related to leadership, project management, and change management both directly and for other providers. In the area of project management, I often teach a PMP Exam Preparation bookcamp.

Often I have been asked to provide a list of books for further reading. So here’s my combined list for Leadership and Strategic Management. Many of the books I have read myself. Some I know of but have never read.


The classic summary of management good habits. It provides a great structure for understanding good management as well as some great information. Also includes a few of Covey's own prejudices but you can't win 'em all. A basic management text for all managers and a must read.

This is a seminal book on creating business strategy. It is important to understand where change comes from and what it is attempting to achieve. A must read.

Business Model Generation applied to Business You Inc. (i.e. you and your job/profession/career). Excellent lead into change.

Third book in the Business Model Generation series. This one focuses on your value proposition. This is a critical topic for determining how you are going to sell your product.

The seminal book on getting out of the feeding pool and into one you can dominate. A must read.