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The Art of the Stop for the Entrepreneur

In this post/article, Glen discusses some initial thoughts on the true Art of the Stop and what project management can teach the Lean Startup movement.

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Innovation Defined: Change, Vectored Change, Improvement and Innovation

We live in a world of constant change. A world where it sometimes seems as if, like the White Queen, you must run constantly in order to stay in the same place.

All around us people are talking about change management as if it was a discipline that every entrepreneur and senior manager should be a master of. But of course, as you chase the information back it becomes obvious that you can’t really manage change.

At VProz, we’ve identified four basic types of change.

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What is Project Management?

What is project management? Why should I care? Project management is in the media constantly in one form or another. But what makes project management unique is often poorly understood. In this blog entry, you will discover the root differences between project managment and other forms of management.

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Welcome to Glen D. Ford’s Blog and the end of VProz

Welcome to the new (personal) site for Glen D. Ford. Project Manager, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Writer, Trainer and all round rennaisance man.

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