How To Document A Project Plan

Book Cover for How To Document A Project Plan

Book Cover for How To Document A Project Plan

How to Document a Project Plan:

What You Need to Know to Design a Project Management Plan Quickly & Easily

by Glen Ford, BSc., MCPM, PMP

Documenting your project plan can be very difficult. Do it wrong and you could easily end up in analysis paralysis. Do it wrong and you could find yourself trying to meet impossible deadlines.

Do it right and your project will go where you want it to go!

In this 190 page book, Glen Ford shares his 30 years of experience in project management to help you create a project management plan that helps you to succeed. A project management plan that meets the needs of all of its readers. A project management plan that includes everything you need and only what you need. A project management plan that is “just enough” to do its job.

Glen explains why you need to include documents with examples drawn from his own experiences. He explains what you need in clear, easy to follow language. With details that help you create your own templates. And with examples of his own templates.

He even explains what the fields on a form mean and provides hints of what changes you might want to make the form your own.

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 Selected topics from
Table of Contents:

  • Projects, Plans and Preparation
    • How Not to Sail a Tall Ship
    • What is a Project and Why Would I Want to Plan It?
    • What is a Project?
    • What Makes A Project Succeed?
    • So How Do You Guarantee Success?
    • Traditional Philosophy and the Holistic Philosophy?
    • The Traditional Philosophy
    • The Holistic Philosophy
    • What this book is about
    • A Word About Computerization of Project Plans
    • An offer of free templates
  • Before You Start
    • How to Destroy A Project in One Easy Step
    • Learning Not to Destroy Projects
    • The PMBOK’s philosophy
    • Projects in Real Life
    • The Philosophy in This Book and some notes on terminology
    • The PMBOK and this book
    • The Task Assignment Cycle
  • Before Any Project Starts
    • The role of a PMO
    • Why prepare common documents
    • How to document procedures In general
    • Documenting Projects in Particular
  • The Documentation You Need Before You Start Any project
  • Getting Started – The Inputs
    • The Process Revisited
    • What to include in the Project Manual But Not The Project Plan
    • Portfolio Outputs
  • The Response
  • The Planning Process
    • The Structure of the project plan
    • What to include in the project plan
  • Where to From Here?
  • Offer – free templates

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