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Project Planning For Sponsors: Why You Need To Be Involved

No one ever seems to bother telling the project sponsor why they need to be involved in the project or what their responsibility is. And yet, the project sponsor is a critical role. In this article, you’ll discover a primer on the role of project sponsor and why it is so important.

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5 Tips For Promoting Innovative Thinking

Innovation is a critical success factor in today’s changing world. But how can you encourage innovation? In this article you’ll discover five tips to help your organization promote innovation.

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What is the difference between a contractor and an employee: Who gets paid for what

Revisiting the issue of what to pay a contractor and an hourly employee. In this case, the article is discussing who gets paid for

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How to Document Your Project Plan: Who Should be on Your Project?

One of the most critical questions that needs to be answered is “Who should be on the project team?” In this 3 slide presentation you’ll discover the six roles you need on every project you run.

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What is a Project Manager and how to hire one effectively

Many advertisements for project managers seem to be guaranteed to attract the wrong person. In this blog article, you’ll discover how to identify what really matters to the role.

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Innovation Defined: Change, Vectored Change, Improvement and Innovation

We live in a world of constant change. A world where it sometimes seems as if, like the White Queen, you must run constantly in order to stay in the same place.

All around us people are talking about change management as if it was a discipline that every entrepreneur and senior manager should be a master of. But of course, as you chase the information back it becomes obvious that you can’t really manage change.

At VProz, we’ve identified four basic types of change.

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Documenting Project Plans: When to Use a Project Manager Consultant

One of the critical success factors for projects is having a professional project manager running your projects. But for many small and medium businesses, hiring a seperate full-time project manager is not a wise expenditure. Consulting project managers can be the solution. But when should you use a consultant? After all, you don’t want to pay their rates all the time. In this 3 slide presentation you’ll discover when you should use a consultant.

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What is Project Management?

What is project management? Why should I care? Project management is in the media constantly in one form or another. But what makes project management unique is often poorly understood. In this blog entry, you will discover the root differences between project managment and other forms of management.

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What is a Fair Project Manager Salary?

We all know that 41% of project failures are the result of not having a qualified project manager in place. But what is a qualified project manager going to cost us?

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How to Calculate Labour Costs — (Part 4) The Quick and Dirty Method

One of the major costs for any project is labour (or labor if you prefer). Unfortunately, many managers don’t know how to calculate their basic labour costs. At the best this leads to problems in managing projects. At worst, it leads to problems with finding and retaining team members. In this series of articles, we’ll explore the calculation of labour costs. In this part, we’ll explore the types of costs.

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