What I do

Like most people, I am complex. I have many interests and what I do often includes a mix of both official skills mix and things I do outside the office.

However, there are four main business-oriented activities I do (ignoring the cross-overs).

Project Management

I turn creativity into innovation.

I help organizations to cross the gap between the dreams of strategy and the realities of operations by facilitating the creation and management of a multi-disciplinary team to implement innovation.  Although I can and have worked in any subject matter, I normally perform this function in the software development arena. I bring value to my clients by reducing their costs resulting from team disfunction and from lost opportunities through project failure.

Business Process and Strategy

I guide people to understand their business, their future and improve their profits.

I help organizations to develop their business by clarifying their business strategies and by improving their business systems including processes, software, and people. I do this through facilitation, helping the subject matter experts to work together, and through the application of tools and aids to understanding. I bring value by helping my clients to clarify their strategies, convert those strategies to accomplishable projects, and by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their business processes.

Writing and Training Course Design

I write books and design courses that help people learn.

I help people learn through a number of media including the written word in the form of Books, eBooks and articles.  I also help businesses (and individuals) connect to their customers and potential customers by enhancing their standing as experts using books, courses, and other media to communicate their skills. I bring value by helping people overcome their difficulties and by helping businesses grow their business.


I help people learn about project management, building a business and helping themselves through helping others to learn.

I help business, organizations, and people to grow. I do this by helping people to improve their efficiency and effectiveness through learning and sills development in the areas of project management, business strategy, business management and communicating for business. I bring value by providing information, guiding people through the process of learning, and by improving their ability to provide value.